If there is to be one thing that stimulates thoughts of the future, it is artificial intelligence (AI) Artificial Intelligence is currently changing our lives in more ways than it might seem for instance eliminating violence and also flying our planes.

Driverless automobiles might hog the reports; however, in June 2017 Boeing tested an autonomous aircraft which might take off, travel and land with less human input. Maybe a self-flying cockpit was going to be trusted by the peoples is another matter, but most are satisfied with autopilot technology, so who know where this may land.


An organisation out in the United States known as Shot Spotter, meanwhile, has been contemplating using acoustic sensors to pinpoint the spot within 25 meters of gunfire for shooting or crime. Machine learning made it clear that a gun released the sound and counts how many they are, telling police what to expect.


Google CEO Sundar Pichai compares the influence of AI to power supply and fire. Pichai said AI is “one of the essential things that humanity is working. It is more profound than, I do not know, electricity or fire,” adding that people learned to harness fire for the benefits of humanity, but also needed to overcome its downsides, too. Pichai said that Artificial Intelligence could be used to help solve the climatic problem of places, even to cure cancer.


DETECTING CANCER: Using images from Smart phones, Artificial Intelligence can detect skin cancer, and then diagnose conditions with the perfectness of a dermatologist.

SAFER DRIVING: IBM Research is working on the use of ‘hyper imaging’ and AI. This technological innovation could be utilised in automobiles to help drivers over fog as well as other severe weather conditions.

FIGHTING FAMINE: The MR Project to use Smart phones and computer vision to discover disease in cassava crops, a staple food source for over500 million people.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two hot buzzwords nowadays, and consequently, often tend used interchangeably. Artificial Intelligence is the more significant concept of machinery having the capability to execute tasks in ways that we would consider “smart”. And, Machine Learning is a present application of AI based on the fact that we should be able to grant machines access to data and allow them to learn for themselves.


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