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With the advent of the camera-phone, the number of photographs we click has exploded. As a result storage and cataloging of these photos has become a real chore. Many cloud storage apps exist which offer to simplify the act of storing your photos but none truly offer an easy way to arrange them. Dropbox is attempting to revolutionize the way we use our photos through a new app called Carousel. They are changing the way they are stored and shared. To put it simply, it takes all the photographs you have already uploaded to their servers and arranges them chronologically. This arrangement allows you to easily navigate all your photographs in an extremely convenient and visually appealing fashion.

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The highlight of the application is the ability to send anyone in your address book a photo though the recipient must also have the app to download the photo or respond. Entire albums can be shared using the SMS like feature and since all photos are stored in the cloud there is no need to worry about the storage capacity of the phone. At first glance Carousel looks like a great way to share photos and it is definitely a sleek, easy to use app. However, it doesn’t seem to be providing something incredibly new and different from existing photo sharing platforms like Flickr, Google+ or even Facebook. Also, while the others provide 15 GB+ of free Cloud storage, Dropbox only provides 2GB beyond which payment is required. While, the arrangement of photos and the ease of sharing is truly wonderful, Dropbox will need to work towards improving the basic storage space offered to truly make a mark with Carousel.


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