Honda builds the world’s fastest lawnmower

We all know what Honda is all about, it’s about speed.

When we talk of the fastest cars across the globe we can detain ourselves much longer from talking about Honda. Now it has accomplished another milestone with its latest Guinness World Record of the fastest lawnmower having an average speed of 116.5mph, beating the world record by 30mph…….!!! The credit goes to Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner, Team Dynamics in UK. Now cutting grass is no longer a boring tedious and tie taking job.

This Mean Mower could make the task a lot more interesting than ever before. It weighs 140 kg with a cutter deck made of Fibreglass. So now you are wondering if you have to hire someone like an F1 racing champ to drive your mower. Of course not….!! Cutting grass at such speed is simply unfathomable. Thanks to the spinning 3mm Steel Cutting Cable with an rpm of 4000, this lets it cut the grass at 15mph.

Honda Mean Mower-PING

So at the least you do not need to replace your gardener….!!! His job is safe…..!!! However this record of 15mph is still double than the previous record and hence is an improvement, however we do not know if this machine will be produced on a commercial basis. So till then we can only hope that it is, and we can have that amazing experience of a car that looks like a mower and is super fast at the same time, thus, being beneficial to the end user.

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