Android TV vs. Amazon Fire TV

After claiming our cell phones and our entire social life.

Android is set to enter into our living rooms. Android based devices are now set to change our experience of television. We have the Android based Amazon’s Fire TV and with Android TV news coming just few days after the launch of Fire TV it is inevitable not to compare the two. After the launch, when the market was buzzing about how good Fire TV is with all its super awesome features, details of Android TV were there to distract the crowd.

Google plans to keep it simple, after the Google TV fiasco.. Android TV is about getting the desired content faster and even claims that not more than three clicks will be all that it takes to get what you want. Like Amazon Fire TV it has the ability to take in voice commands and notifications as well.

Android TV-PING

Amazon Fire TV Review

Amazon’s Fire TV has created a wave for an Android based television devices. With its easy and simple set-up box it is gaining popularity. It comes with its own tutorial that guides the user. It has a range of fun filled apps and its amazing ultra-slim looks are sure to woo customers.

It also has features such as Voice Searching which is super fast and unimaginably accurate. It is faster than any other such device ever made for your living room with zero buffering and instant video streaming. With such remarkably good features Amazon Fire TV is all set to give you a great experience unlike ever before…!!!

Amazon Fire TV-PING

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