Intel Mimo Baby Onesie

Smart Baby Onesie

Intel has started off the year by showing off its tablets and smartphones and now, its hands only, on wearables. And this time it is not the fitness tracker but the internet-connected baby onesie. What is most astonishing about this development is that it is no longer at concept stage but a funalised product, ready for stores. This Mimo Baby was made by Rest Devices,  specifically created for parents to monitor aspects of their child’s health.

Mimo Baby Onesie-PING

The baby onsie has two green stripes on its front which constitutes as respiratory sensors and it comes with a removable, turtle-shaped clip with sensors, allowing it to monitor the baby’s body position, activity level and skin temperature. The data can be viewed by parents on an iOS/Android app that shows the baby’s respiratory patterns.

Carson Darling, one of the founders of Rest Devices says, “You can look at your smartphone and know that everything is OK.”

Intel Mimo Baby Onesie App-PING

One thing to be expected from an Intel product is their use of a chip which practically runs the show. And this suits for the Mimo Baby as well, as it has a dual-core Edison PC. Though baby onesie is available for shipment, it will not feature the Edison until Intel releases the Edison embedded version. It is planning to release it by the end of the summer. The non-Edison kit will function exactly as advertised and will be sold for £120 as a starter kit, with three onesies and a turtle clip-on. Thereafter, each onesie will be sold in £18 two-packs, with sizes ranging from zero to 12 months.

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