Vizio new products at CES 2014

Vizio landed at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas with its largest and cheapest series of TVs.

Vizio’s huge 120” TV has succeeded in trumping Samsung’s 110” Ultra HD TV model. They’ve even gone further by making the low-cost 4K TVs that will be available later this year dubbed the P-Series.

The P-Series TV’s will come in various sizes at affordable prices. The smallest size is 50” prices at an amazing  £614 with the biggest size being 70”, priced at £1,599.   Although it’s one of the lowest priced TVs, it has an advanced picture quality, powerful performance and a beautifully simple Ultra HD experience. Vizio has also announced that Netflix’s 4K content would be available on its TVs.


Vizio also unveiled what it calls the “Smart Audio” Bluetooth speakers. These speakers have an LCD touch screen display that’s runs on KitKat android 4.4. There are 2 models – a smaller version with 4.7” and a larger model with 7” display. Being smart audio speakers their function is beyond just audio streaming over Bluetooth, like their ability to pull audio from any music app in Google Play. Though there are many uses it certainly has not deviated from its main purpose. Vizio is hoping that users will discover the new creative ways to transfer music to their new speakers when they are launched.

Vizio New Laptop-PING

Along with its 4K TV and power-packed speakers, Vizio has also unpacked its new thin and light 15.6” laptop and a new 24” all-in-one pc. Though the design and their outer casing are similar to their previous releases, what makes the difference is what’s under the “hood”. The inclusion of Intel Core i7 Haswell processors, Intel’s Iris Pro graphics solution, Vizio’s 802.11ac wireless and 1080p touchscreens into its new machines has definitely made a difference. The touchscreen is the best of the lot; its responsiveness is so good that it clearly demonstrates how easy Windows 8.1 to use on multiple devices. But when it comes to words on the launch and the price, there is still no word from Vizio.

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