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Nutz Pro Headphones: Design

The battle for the best luxury headphones has a new contender with the launch of the Nutz range of headphones led by their premium Nutz Pro over the ear device. At first glance the Nutz Pro is elegantly designed and fashionable.  It comes in 13 different colours which along with your basic popular colours include a number of on-trend colours for the 2014 season; Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Hemlock, Paloma, Sand, Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Radiant Orchard and Dazzling Blue.  They come in two options – wireless or wired.  It has a rich metallic feel that is enhanced by the soft leather. This is certainly one set of over the ear headphone that will turn heads. It’s difficult to ignore the quality of the materials used in designing the earpiece, drivers, plug and cable for the Nutz Pro. The attention to detail and vast colour options make this model standout from the crowd.  The minimalistic, sleek design along with the extremely comfortable ear cups and noise isolation features make the Nutz Pro one of the best fashionable luxury headphones on the market.

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Nutz Pro Headphones: Performance/Audio quality

The Nutz Pro impressed us with its sound quality although it does not have the best noise cancelling capacity. This device is fitted with dynamic drivers that produce sounds just as it was recorded by the artist.  The frequency of sound is nicely equalised without emphasis on bass, mid or treble. Nutz Pro creates music experiences that will please the listener without compromising the frequency level. The closed design of the Nutz Pro enhances the bass.  Other features include high power, high sensitivity, low impedance, a wide frequency range and large drivers. It is truly a beast when you crank up the volume and can see why it earned the name ‘nutz’.

Nutz Pro Headphones: Features/Accessories

Nutz Pro weighs 320g with a frequency range of 5 – 33,000Hz. It comes with a 3.5mm gold plated jack, an airplane jack, DJ cable and a colour coded extendable cord. It has 40mm Nano fibre drivers and memory foam ear pads for optimum acoustics and comfort. It also comes with an attractive steel flight case for storage.

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Nutz Pro Headphones: Help/Support

The Nutz range powered has a very good support network. It comes with a two-year warranty for all their headphones from material to product defects. For any type of help they have various ways for contact via phone, email or social media especially twitter.

Nutz Pro Headphones: Overview

At only £139 for the wired set and £179 for the wireless set the Nutz Pro wired are basically the highest quality headphones your money can buy at the moment. It’s professionally tuned with an impressive sound clarity which is loud and clear.  These headphones are made with fashion-conscious people in mind hence the wide variety of colour options.  On the downside the headphones are slightly heavy and lack online materials such as a downloadable product manuals. Overall it is a great headphone with character and distinctive style.  We see a bright future for the Nutz Pro based on the sound quality and the fashion sense.

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