Samsung’s 85″ Bendy TV vs. LG’s 77″ curved OLED TV

Samsung’s 85″ Bendy TV vs. LG’s 77″ curved OLED TV

As anticipated CES 2014 was a display of jaw-dropping brilliance with the top electronics manufacturers racing to present their marvels. This year saw a clash between the two Korean giants: LG and Samsung.

Samsung’s 85- Bendy TV-PING

It seemed as though Samsung weren’t satisfied at only realising their 105″ curved TV.  They also showed off a concept television that can bend via remote control. The 85″ UHD model can change from a flatscreen to a curved screen at the flick of a switch.  The South Korean company stated that the curved screen offered a wider field of view and panoramic effect; a similar effect to that used by IMAX.

Two motors on the side of the TV controlled by remote control determine the curvature, taking into account the number of people enjoying the TV.

No price has yet been announced. As a piece of technology it’s definitely interesting but it’s solving a problem that doesn’t really exist.

LG’s 77- inch curved OLED TV-PING

Their rival LG had already created a curved TV, but the angle was fixed. For them, it wasn’t just to build a 77″ 4K TV with a curved screen, but also to upgrade the display technology by adding a fourth sub-pixel to the display. While most TVs have three sub pixels (RGB), the new TV set adds a fourth white one (WRGB). It’s the first time that this new technology has been applied to a 4K set. The set also has LG’s Tru Ultra engine and is compatible with HDCP 2.2 as well as high-resolution videos in the H.265 format. Price-wise it will be ready and waiting for inclusion in your living room by this summer for a whopping £18,300.

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