Audi Sport Quattro Will Change the Way We Drive

Audi Sport Quattro Will Change the Way We Drive

Audi provided a feast for tech geeks at CES 2014 by presenting its evolved laser light beast – the Audi Sport Quattro.

 As to its signature lasers, Audi has used the concept of laser diodes for its high beam headlights which combines lasers and matrix LEDs. Though smaller than LEDs, the lamps can illuminate the road up to 500m ahead of the car, which Audi claims is approximately twice the distance and thrice the brightness of standard headlights.

Audi Sport Quattro  Side View-PING

A Powerful Plug in Hybrid Drivetrain

This is a hybrid, combining a plug-in electric drive and a 4L V8 with twin turbochargers, boosting it to 552 hp. An electric motor between transmission and engine provides a total system output of 690 hp. The reincarnated Quattro completes the 0 to 62mph sprint in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of around 190 mph; thanks to the combustion engine. The fuel economy is estimated at 95 mpg taking into account the car’s 30 emission free miles of pure electric range and cylinder deactivation technology.

Audi Sport Quattro  Wheel-PING

It is mounted with engine start and Drive Select (to select between Electric, Hybrid and Sport settings) buttons on the steering wheel. Want to see how smart things get in this world? Well, here is an example – this marvel has a next generation touchscreen panel, which provides hi-res 3D graphics for entertainment, navigation and information (much like your smartphone). Also this information is provided via a narrow strip of LCD – a standout from the large displays featured these days.

 With the price ceiling for the car at £166,000 and the vast amount of tech shaping this beast, Audi is yet to start on the business case.  If it does get the nod, the halo coupe would almost certainly be a 2014 treat.

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