Meta Watch at the CES 2014

Meta Watch at the CES 2014

Nothing in this world has better replaced the standard time teller on our wrists.  Despite advancements in technology it appears we still want our wristwatch to look like a classic watch.  In light of this MetaWatch is releasing META Watches…getting confused? MetaWatch, the smartwatch company born from ex Fossil Group engineers from Texas, is bringing out a new brand of devices called META…stay with me.  This set distinguishes itself from its siblings in that it is much more pleasing to the eye – something that the former certainly wasn’t.

Meta Watch-PING

This new collection was created by Frank Nuovo, known for his work for the high-end smartphone maker Vertu. The line features a bold black face with stainless steel case. With the option for leather bands and other ‘premium’ materials, Nuovo has bragged about the quality craftsmanship. The line will come in a variety of colours and designs. One of the biggest changes for the META line is a new display. MetaWatch has swapped its low contrast, hard-to-read display for a high-resolution e-paper screen. This update makes it easy to view and adds a touch of elegance.


Bill Geiser, the CEO says, “I’ve been gnawing on Nuovo’s ankle for several years. To me it’s about crafting beautiful products.”  Now that’s a word you rarely hear in the smartwatch arena – the word beautiful.  Though its price is still a secret, regardless of how technology has been stacked up, the new META aims at becoming the most luxurious smartwatches available on the market. Ultimately, the device has been developed to look more like traditional classic wristwatches compared to some of the boxy, cheaper looking smartwatches currently available.  This year is set to see more smartwatches compete in this arena. But what is sure to fascinate us is will Meta Watches new look be style over substance when it comes to competing with the technology in other smartwatches.

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