A look at the Bluetooth Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

A look at the Bluetooth Kolibree Smart Toothbrush

Getting bored of brushing everyday? Here comes a smart one for gaming kids and health conscious men. This year is going to witness one of the weirdest inventions ever by Kolibree. It is a toothbrush that allows you to monitor your brushing and compare it with other members of your family.

Their CEO says, “We put one near our gaping maw to find out what the future of tooth care feels like.”

This slim and light toothbrush, magnetically attaches itself to its flat charging base and gets charged by induction. This Bluetooth connected device is packed with an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope – a far cry from the trappings of a usual toothbrush.

Kolibree Smart Toothbrush app-PING

The Kolibree app monitors your daily brushing by connecting to the toothbrush via Bluetooth, each brush stroke is recorded. It reveals if brushing is enough and whether important parts of the mouth and gums had been reached. The app works with a maximum of five toothbrushes; so a whole family can participate. As with fitness monitors, it sets you goals for each brush, and rewards you with scores.

Its head oscillates from side to side, which apparently is the right way for the head of a toothbrush to oscillate.  Kolibree’s makers are looking for tooth brushing gamers. This can surely work out, especially with kids who shun their toothbrushes.  Though the app doesn’t have much to excite us right now, with limited features and a single style of brushing, it is expected to eventually include up to 255 different brushing modes. It will hit the market in autumn 2014 and it will vary between £60 and £120 depending on the package. The smart accessories have started entering our bathrooms now putting, Android in use at least twice a day. With wearable tech set for an upward surge in 2014, we’re bound to see Android in every aspect of our life.

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