Lumo Lift: A Brooch That Improves Posture

If anything, technology has made our posture worse. Think of all those hours spent hunched over computers, slouching whilst playing games consoles, and necks craned over our mobiles. The Lumo Lift by innovative company, Lumo BodyTech has been invented to do otherwise.


At first glance this is a tiny coloured square, but on closer inspection, as you clasp it to your collar or shirt you’ll realise it is much more than just a strange little accessory. The Lumo Lift actually sends subtle vibrations each time you begin to slouch your body, acting sort of like an, “Oi, straighten up your posture!” reminder.


It does this through tracking your body movements and positions along with offering a mobile app that gives feedback and rewards as an incentive to keep those shoulders straight.


Of course, the technology part is only half of what makes us want to buy something, as it’s got to look cool too. The Lumo Lift has this down, with a colourful array of options and minimalist appeal so that you can look stylish as well as taller.



Lumo BodyTech have other posture correcting gadgets in the pipeline, but for the moment is concentrating on crowd funding this particular product, which should be released around late spring from $59 to $79 and could well be available as other styles of jewellery if successful.

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