Bluetooth Smart Jewellery Lets You Wear Your Notifications Around Your Neck

Nowadays we don’t just want technology; we want technology that can be used as an accessory. While the floating hoverboards of Back to the Future may still not be in existence, we do have things like this Bluetooth smart jewellery from CSR to keep us feeling futuristic and looking fly.


Life is about a lot of things, but there’s no doubt that little red numbers, likes, favourites and re-blogs feel important to us, while happiness is waking up to a phone full of messages and comments. Since the introduction of smart phones and iPhones it’s strange to imagine a time where we had to wait to check our emails, or Instagram a picture of a delicious red velvet cake we’re about to delve into.


The British chipmaker CSR takes this age of constant connection to a new level, creating a piece of jewellery that uses varying LED colours to communicate notifications and co-ordinate with your mood or outfits.


CSR have also shown Android apps that allow the user to choose their own colour and patterns for their necklace, which inspires the possibilities within the wearable technology market. Aesthetics have always been an important part of selling even the most impressive of gadgets, and this is proven by the popularity of things such as phone and tablet covers that allow buyers to add a unique touch to their products.


It’s getting the balance of style and effectiveness right, so that such ideas can appeal to a varied audience while maintaining their usefulness. For now, the development of this necklace provides a glimpse into the future of technology, as other wearable gadgets pop up in the market. It won’t be long before every outfit can be temperature controlled and every hat a hair stylist. We can dream at least.




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