ModiFace the 3D Augmented Reality Make-Up Simulator

ModiFace the 3D Augmented Reality Make-Up Simulator… On A High Street Near You


Forget diamonds, we all know make-up is a girl’s best friend. But the process of finding the perfect shade is often time consuming and frustrating. Despite the advancement in technology, which allows women to have their photograph uploaded and then see various cosmetics on their skin, ModiFace felt they could take it a step further.


Their 3D Augmented Reality Make-Up and Anti-Aging Mirror simulates make-up products and shows the consumer how they would look on their skin. The effect is immediate and does not require a photograph. The customer simply stands in front of the camera and chooses from a range of skincare and make-up products. Using a shade palette to make their selections, the customer can then view their ‘before’ and ‘after’ images on a split screen on the Beauty Mirror. By simply moving their head from side to side, users can view their skincare and make-up selections from various angles.


ModiFace the 3D Augmented Reality Make-Up Simulator1-PING

The CEO of ModiFace, Dr. Parham Aarabi, explained ‘… our focus will be on retail by partnering with beauty brands.’ Although it has taken two years to perfect, Aarabi believes their instant mirror-effect simulation could ‘…increase the counter and booth traffic for skin-care by 120%.’

As well as the touchscreen monitor and camera being available in stores, ModiFace have created a mobile app for users to access from home, using their tablets and smart phones.

A way to try on make-up without the tediousness of applying and re-applying? Girls, I think we’ve already found our favourite product of 2014!



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