We:eX Navigate Jacket: Breaking The Future Of Fashion

We:eX Navigate Jacket: Breaking The Future Of Fashion

For years phrases such as ‘textiles technology’, ‘smart clothing’ and ‘fashion technology’ have circulated in and out of the press. Every mention partnered with promises of futuristic, innovative design.

For instance, past depictions of ‘spray on’ fashions and ‘sound activating’ fashions have astonished spectators worldwide, broadening our minds to what the future of fashion may have in hold. However, I do believe that ‘wearability’ and high prices have consistently prevented fashion technology from taking off. Some believe we are currently at a tipping point in fashion, wavering on the edge of a technology-inspired future. Sydney based company We:eX (Wearable Experiments) are doing well at offsetting the comfortable balance the industry currently occupies.

Their website reads, “Wearable Experiments (We:eX) is a socially driven wearable technology company. Our mission is to bring together fashion and technology with a functional design aesthetic, and use creative problem solving to help us live well and have a better quality of life.”

WeeX Navigate Jacket - walking image-PING

The company have recently developed their NAVIGATE jacket. To the unknowing the We:eX Navigate Jacket is quite sufficiently a tailored, aesthetically engaging blazer. To those in the know it is an LED lighted, haptic feedback tool of exploration! Teamed with the companion app, the navigate jacket has the ability to subtly and unobtrusively direct the wearer via instructions visualised on the sleeve of the jacket. The lights indicate how far to the next turn and notify the wearer of their current location. Vibrations alert the wearer when to change direction according to the destination entered into the companion app.

It seems that We:eX have finally created a wearable, enticing item of technical fashion that teamed with an easy-to-use app could change the way we get around within the very near future. No longer are compromises being made in the world of smart textiles.  Geek chic is IN.

WeeX Navigate Jacket  - Tourist Vs Traveller-PING

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