Drumpants: The Evolution of the One-Man Band

Drumpants: The Evolution of the One-Man Band

Gone are the days of Dick Van Dyke and his one man band; or so we thought. Hoping to ship the first sackload out in May of this year, a group of musical fanatics from San Francisco have come up with something that will make the mind boggle. A drumkit for your pants; drumpants!


This concoction of Bluetooth-enabled sensor strips and a control box allows the wearer to simulate more than 100 different sounds that range from drums, percussion and synthesizers…to the sound of kittens (of course!). And what is more, each sensor is capable of being reprogrammed to trigger actions within a wide variety of apps, so that the wearer can, for example, answer their phone, play a streaming video or control a game on their device.


Truly something for the commuting divas amongst (and within) us, Drumpants won’t be putting you (too much) out of pocket either with prices starting at round $99 for the standard version, up to $139 for the pro version – which provides the Bluetooth connectivity. So, if music is your life and slapping is your passion, head on over to Kickstarter to cash in on your own mobile music maker.

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