Waterproof Silic T-Shirt Proves Popular as it Surpasses Pledge Amount

Waterproof Silic T-Shirt Proves Popular as it Surpasses Pledge Amount

Could there finally be a way to prevent our clothes from the inevitability of spills? 20-year-old student Aamir Patel certainly thinks so.  After hearing about NeverWet, a spray on product which makes almost any item of clothing waterproof, Patel tested it for himself. Within one hour of trying the product, Patel began to feel unwell, and reading the label, discovered that the spray contained chemicals which are known to cause birth defects and cancer.


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He was keen to make a similar product, but one which would not pose a health risk. His clever idea to layer polyester fabric with billions of silica particles has proven a huge hit and surpassed its initial goal of $20,000 in pledged support.   Any water-based liquid (including cola, beer and ketchup) that comes into contact with the fabric forms a 150̊ sphere and rolls away from the material.  With its BlueSign approval, Patel promises that the waterproof silic t-shirt is safe for consumer use, and the high-street friendly cost won’t hurt your bank balance either! At just $40 a t-shirt, the ‘self cleaning clothing’ is proving popular.  If you’re a serial spiller, this hi-tech t-shirt might be right up your street.


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