4k game system NVIDIA GTX Titan Battlebox review

4k game system Nvidia GTX Titan Battlebox review by PING! MAgazine 

With gaming reaching new heights, courtesy of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, it was only a matter of time before PCs entered the race. It was worth the wait, however, as Nvidia’s GTX Titan Battlebox proved to be an amazing experience, albeit it’s steep price. What sets the Battlebox apart is that it supports 4K graphics, whereas said consoles support only ultra-HD media, ruling out playing in 4K completely.   4k game system NVIDIA GTX Titan Battlebox-PING   At £3,900, the Battlebox comes in a suitably massive Cooler Master Cosmos 2 case (courtesy of PC Specialist), which is impressively built. The case includes sliding panels over all of the USB, Blu-ray, and hard drive ports. A latch secures the side panels, which in turn swing open upon pressing the said latch. The processor has a Corsair Liquid CPU cooler as well. Rubber leads link this cooler to fans at the top of the case, thus the entire system provides sufficient cooling for the machine. The Asus PQ321 (31.5” screen with 4K support) monitor is a symbiotic match for the Battlebox, providing excellent picture quality, brightness and fabulous viewing angles.   NVIDIA GTX Titan Battlebox-PING   The Battlebox handles 4K media files exceptionally well, thanks to its SSD and 32GB of RAM. This holds true for ultra-HD playback, since 4K Blu-rays aren’t in the market yet.  It is also great for editing 4K files with Photoshop etc. To optimise your experience, you might as well go in for some decent Dolby 7.1 surround sound speakers. During intense gaming, however, the Cooler Master case gets a little loud in spite of having decent soundproofing. All in all, the Nvidia GTX Titan Battlebox is an acceptable purchase.

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