Top Ten Smartglass by PING! Magazine

Top Ten Smartglass by PING! Magazine


Top Ten Smartglass- Google Glass-PING

1. Google Glass: £

Google Glass are smart glasses fitted with a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone Watch films, take pictures, search and translate on the go. It has a 640×360 display, 5MP camera, 24 hours battery life, bone conduction audio and 16GB, Wi-Fi and 25”HD screen.

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2. Vizix M100 Smart Glasses: £

The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses are a wearable Bluetooth/Wi-Fi headpiece with a built-in HD camera and WQVGA floating eyepiece display. It will run on Android and eventually iOS. It is able to capture video and still images. Features include an integrated GPS, 8 GB memory and Wi-Fi connectivity to a enable a mobile connection to the Cloud.

Top Ten Smartglass- Epiphany Eyewear-PING

3. Epiphany Eyewear: £

The Epiphany is the most fashionable and classic smartglasses on the market. Designed by David Meisenholder, whose clients include Lady Gaga, specs include a black frame made of “shape-memory” nylon, UV-blocking lenses, HD video recording, lithium ion battery life of 48 hours and 32GB storage. Gorgeous and sexy glasses ideal for the ladies.

Top Ten Smartglass- Telepathy-PING

4. Telepathy: £

Telepathy is an innovative device that encourages real-time, hands-free, interactive communication by instantly sharing the user’s visuals with individuals from all over the world. It has a built-in camera, a micro projection unit and ear buds on either side for audio.

Top Ten Smartglass- Recon Jet Smart Sunglasses-PING

5. Recon Jet Smart Sunglasses: £500 – jet.

Jet is a powerful wearable computer with a full-colour, wide-screen display, designed for active outdoor use. It measures speed, distance, and duration at a glance, enhances athletes’ performance and safety. Specs include GPS, a HD video camera, a microphone, speakers and its full-colour, widescreen display.

Top Ten Smartglass- Glass Up-PING

6. GlassUp: £

GlassUp smart glasses allow you to read text messages and e-mail directly from your lenses. Weighing 65g, it boasts an accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor, Bluetooth and resolution of the display is 320×240. Other features include one day of battery life recharged via mini-USB. It comes in red or white and operates on Android OS.

7. Meta 1 Smartglasses: £

The Meta is a huge, augmented-reality headset that enables virtual gaming, facial recognition and 3D visualisations. It has two 960×540 transparent TFT LCD displays with a 23-degree field of view, a 720p camera, a 320×240 infra-red depth camera and a 9-axis sensor. Developers are still working on this cool product.

Top Ten Smartglass- ION Glasses-PING

8. ION Glasses: £

ION Glasses are the first-ever optical glasses or sunglasses which interact with your smartphone or tablet. It offers notifications, remote control, alerts in case of loss and customization. It works with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip, a battery, a multi-colour LED set, a buzzer and two buttons. It alerts one in discreet way so that nobody knows but you.

Top Ten Smartglass- Optinvent ORA-S-PING

9. Optinvent ORA-S: £

ORA-S enables mobile computing on the go, including GPS, sports, messaging and situation awareness. The ORA connects via Wi-Fi to a smartphone or tablet and will act as a hands-free wearable computer. It includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, front camera, 9 axis sensor, ambient light sensor, microphone and loudspeaker.

Top Ten Smartglass- Olympus MEG 4.0 Smart Glasses-PING

10. Olympus MEG 4.0 Smart Glasses: £

The MEG4.0 isn’t a standalone structure and needs a glasses frame to hang on. The QVGA 320×240 display can connect to devices through Bluetooth 2.1, and a smartphone hookup to provide both the processing power and internet connectivity which sounds different to what we’re expecting from Google’s effort.

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  1. Aaron 18th December 2013 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    I know that for some people these glasses are all about looking modern and futuristic. That said, I could never see myself wearing anything other than the Epiphany or Ion glasses.

    I think if this technology is going to be popular, they need to be seamless. Who wants to look like the geek wearing the smart glass?

  2. AR4Me 2nd January 2014 at 4:47 pm - Reply

    I agree with Aaron, but these are not really practical at all for consumers except extreme sports enthusiasts and others who would don a GoPro on their helmet. With devices like the Google or Vuzix M100, you would also be able to monitor performance, standing in the race heart rates, etc. Not just take pictures. Also, as far as I know, most of these are concepts or mock ups and only the Vuzix, Recon and soon the Google Glass products are available to the general public. Perhaps someone could clarify?
    Apparently Vuzix has technology to do the Ion or Epiphany type glasses, so I will be checking this out at CES in a few days.

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