The #SmackCam phenomenon

The #SmackCam phenomenon


Remember the old 90’s Tango advert ‘You’ve Been Tango’d’ when the big orange man came up and smacked a bystander’s face. It now back in the form of Twitter Vine #SmackCam.

SmackCam began as a fun game between MAX Jr., Jerry Purpdrank and their friends. It’s now exploded into Vine’s newest craze.

The idea behind #SmackCam is that you catch a friend or family member by surprise and record yourself smacking them in the face.

SmackCam-ers, as they’ve been dubbed, now use lotion, powder, food and whipped cream on their victim’s face. However, some people have moved on to hit their victims with hard objects such as ironing boards, balls and even bats – which obviously can seriously harm someone.

Not only that, but some people are using #SmackCam as an excuse to hit total strangers or to get revenge on people that have wronged them.  Isn’t that assault?  Some distasteful ones include SmackCam-ers hitting young children and animals.

Word of advice – don’t do #SmackCam to strangers, little kids or animals – you’ve been warned…

So if you want to do #SmackCam the right way remember these simple rules:

  • Don’t do #SmackCam to your parents, guardians or elders (especially if you live under their roof).
  • Don’t do it to strangers because you could be charged with assault.
  • Don’t use heavy objects such as bats or ironing boards.
  • Don’t do it to animals or young children.
  • Don’t use anything flammable (goes without saying).

  • Make sure you do something you won’t mind being done to you.
  • Remember to make sure that your phone is recording so you don’t have to do it again.
  • Only use items that can be washed off and that aren’t painful.
  • Only do it to someone who is a good sport.
  • Make sure you have a clear escape route – you don’t want to get a beat down do you?
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