Van Damme and his ‘split kick’: A win for Volvo…

Whilst studying advertising at university one of the things that stuck in my head was that the average person needs to see an advert approximately three times before a response is made.  So, if your advert can go viral after one viewing, especially at this time of year, then as an advertising executive you’ve justified that Christmas bonus. First up was John Lewis’ Disney inspired Christmas advert, The Bear & The Hare, which broke records after premiering during The X Factor ad break on the 9th November.  In its first weekend it had received over 4,700,000 YouTube views and now has over 8,000,000 views and a jaw dropping 86,000+ mentions on Twitter.  It would take something epic to top that right?  Cue Jean Claude Van Damme’s ‘split kick’.   If you haven’t seen it – it’s a wonder that you found your way to this website.  The Volvo advert features the high kicking 53-year-old actor performing his trademark splits on top of two moving Volvo trucks as they pull away.  The stunt has received over 50,000,000 YouTube views so far. Note to all you ad execs out there hoping to win brownie points with your clients – the Christmas ad battle is over – just quit!


Don’t try this at home….

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