Thor 2: The Dark World

Thor 2: The Dark World

It was enough for him a few days to fall in love with the intelligent and beautiful lady scientist. All that would later leave it on for two years. When he finally returns, waiting for him rather was a sharp welcome. Fortunately, “Thor: The Dark World” is not behaving as Jane Foster, Thor when he sees for the first time after a long break and gives the viewer in the face. On the contrary, the work of Alan Taylor brings only pleasant experiences. I am not writing this just because “Thor” number two is a unique opportunity to admire Chris Hemsworth Tits close-up.

The first “Thor ” was branded by Kenneth Branagh, a specialist in Shakespeare. Then the conflict between the brothers, Thor and Loki, was the axis for the other events. This time, thanks to the artist, who has already released including several episodes of “Game of Thrones”, the first of the front runners in action, momentum and spectacular duels. The largest woltyżerskie truly impressive jump from one land to another, and very melancholy scene of the funeral – those moments hit HBO television producers would envy.

The adventure of ” Thor: The Dark World “begins by explaining that in the nine kingdoms reigned order, but this condition lasts for a long time and from time to time there is someone who wants to destroy this order. This time, Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves, whose tribe was once defeated by Bora, the father of Odin, but a handful of representatives of the vile creatures returned and intends to take revenge. Unfortunately, the topic has been poorly presented. In the film we find out the origin of the mysterious ether, and what are the sources of hatred Malekith to the whole world. I like it when a bad to the bone heroes there is some interesting history. But hey, apparently not everyone is given to be the Joker or a ban.

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Much more interesting to do for the image of the main character. In the first part of Thor was pretty arrogant, brash, more energy invested in swinging a hammer, than in making rational decisions, which sometimes drove to his undoing. In the second (actually third) installment of Thor definitely matured, gained certain nobility, but remains bearish on the field of battle. Separation from loved but does not allow him full freedom and carelessness. When Heimdall (Idris Elba reliable) loses sight of Jane, the hero moves to rescue Miss Foster.

Fortunately, women in this film are very strong and expressive. Frigga and Sif do not have to rely on men, and sometimes are essential to their survival. Jane Foster is doing it somehow, but against the above-mentioned unfortunately falls quite pale. Yes, can boast niebywałymi intellectual abilities, but it seems to me that the balance between the ethereal and resourcefulness were disturbed in her case. Perhaps after the break Natalie Portman has not finished yet “stick” in a proper actor rhythm.


I could dwell long on the quality of all the characters, but just one word to cut any discussion: Loki. Undisputed star of the film – steals the show. Every time a hero Tom Hiddleston appears on the screen, “Thor: The Dark World” turns into a masterpiece. Thor’s brother does not even need to speak. Same his expression is a masterpiece. Loki left all behind both when presenting his conflicted, dark face, when the comedian rips, upierdliwego younger brother, the scenes with his participation without a doubt are the biggest asset of the film. Among my favorites are the one where Loki leads “live commentary” for certain skills when Thor and Jane greets and yet another time, but I’m not going to spoil the fun and viewers reveal too much.

We all remember what Miley Cyrus did with a hammer in teleydsku to “Wrecking Ball”. Until now, I do not know what she had in mind, but certainly after the surgery is a useful item lost some grandeur. “Thor: The Dark World” has restored dignity to say!

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