GoPro Hero3 camera review

GoPro Hero3 camera review

Ultra-portable shockproof camera Gopro hero3 consignment 3600

GoPro Hero3 cameras are offered in these three varieties, black, Silver Edition and white film. In order of decreasing performance. The biggest characteristic of this generation can shoot 1080P high frame rates.

For spot enthusiasts who will surely want to entertain their digital fans with footage of their latest adventures, be it skiing, surf boarding, skating, biking, racing and even sky diving. This high performance camera can capture these amazing moments in HD.

GoPro cameras are not just those optional inconvenience gadgets, they are made to be a major companion for Pro athletes who what to tap into the latest cool. They are rugged in design and make an ergonomic, comforting, attachable device for any occasion that demands a wow.

GoPro Hero3 black version Performance:

This is able to shoot at 30fps 2.7k Cinema

GoPro Cameras

 ·15fps in 4k Cinema

· 60fps/30fps of 1080p HD, 100fps in 960p HD, 120fps and 240fps in the 720p HD 480p

· 12 million pixel sensor

· Equipped with F2.8 lens

· Support to 64GB MicroSD expansion

· Support HDMI output and USB 2.0 port

· Equipped with a remote control in a distance of 180 meters while the remote 50 Hero3

· $ 400 (equivalent to 2500 yuan or so)

GoPro Hero3 silver version has the following Performance:

· Designed for extreme sport shooting and build

· Has a waterproof function

· Be able to shoot a depth of 197 feet

· Can shoot 1080/30p, 960p, 720p and 480p video

· Built-in Wi-Fi wireless transmission function

· 11 million pixel sensor

· Equipped with remote control

GoPro Hero3 Camera Review-PING

New Waterproof Housing

Sony recently announced that the sequel to its Action Camera will have a slimmed down waterproof housing, but it did that at the cost of making it waterproof to just 16 feet (5 meters). Sony claimed that almost no one uses it for deep dives, but people wanted something more trim and aerodynamic.

GoPro has essentially done the same thing, but not to such an extreme degree.

The waterproof housing that comes with the Hero 3+ is 20-percent smaller and lighter, but it’s still waterproof down to 131 feet (40 meters). No, it’s not quite as burly as last year’s case which goes down to 197 feet (60m), but it will be a very small percentage of people that find 131 feet inadequate, and if they do, they can just put it into last year’s housing. Problem solved.

The new housing is improved in other ways, too. First, and most significantly, the buttons are fatter and much, much easier to press. Seriously, it’s a gigantic improvement. I probably took 80+ shots, and I didn’t miss turning it on or off once. Much better for the menu buttons, too.

GoPro camera is now surfing, skiing, biking and skydiving and other extreme sports groups widely used, and thus “GoPro” has almost become “extreme sports dedicated camera” synonymous.

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