IKEA’s 3D Catalog app arranges furniture

IKEA’s 3D Catalog app takes augmented reality to another level

Ikea’s 3D catalog app uses augmented reality to arrange furniture before you even think of buying it. The Swedish company is determined to make virtual shopping more experiential help you fit the furnitures before buying. Decisions made when choosing furniture for the house just became easier. Ikea meet the needs of consumers by presenting a new and exciting way that enhances the customer experience. It takes experiential marketing to new heights.

The great app allows users to use their smartphones to virtually place furniture in any area of your home – no assembling required. With its augmented reality feature, the app works best when used in conjunction with the 2014 paper catalog.

How do it works? Customers can flip through the print catalog, and when they come across a plus symbol on a page, they hover their phone or tablet over it until a screen pops up asking them to scan the images on the page. At that point users will see the bonus features, which could be a 360-degree view of a room, videos, additional product information, or the option to place a piece of furniture in their room.

The Ikea’s 3D catalog app is so cool on a smartphone, to virtually ‘place’ items from its catalogue around the room, so before one can buy the have the opportunity to figure out if they’re the right size, fit, colour and style.IKEA's 3D Catalog app

The app’s other features, particularly the time-lapse images that allow you to watch a room being decorated piece-by-piece, are gorgeous and a great way to get some inspiration for your own home. Which, Sjöberg says, is the whole point. “I think this application should always try to enrich the catalog and enrich the experience for consumers—and that is an ongoing journey.”

The new Ikea’s 3D catalog app is available to download free on Android and iOS.

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  1. Henrik 19th December 2013 at 3:47 am - Reply

    You have to give Ikea credit, producing a free app that lets people learn more about their products is very smart.

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