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Instagram Dos and Don’ts

Instagram is an online social network, which allows you to photo share and video share. It comes with 11 Filters for photo manipulation, enables you to follow other users, leave comments and like photos. Okay, while we were thinking the whole world knows about Instagram, it appears that there are still people UNAWARE.

We at PING Magazine do wonder sometimes ‘where have you all been? ’ If you don’t know about Instagram by now, you certainly need to mingle more, get out there and meet new people.

A lot of people love Instagram because to them it’s probably the “Closest” they can get to know their favourite celebrities. Some describe Instagram as a running documentary of your life (it’s nice to flick through pictures, see what happened then and now)

We must say Instagram is very easy to use and pretty much straightforward, but as always there some people that are UNAWARE (L). Some people have Instagram already, but still DO all the WRONGS, these results to them loosing followers or in some cases have none at all.

So we decided to help you guys with some of the Dos and Don’ts, we think will help you get followers on Instagram.Instagram

Instagram Dos

  1. Be social, I mean really? It’s a social network. Follow people, start a conversation by leaving comments (don’t forget to @ the username, so he/she gets notified)
  2. Upload interesting photo. Consider lighting.
  3. Use hash tags tastefully such as #tbt (throw back Thursday), #nofilter (to show a natural photo) #photooftheday, all these hash tags and many more fetch you likes and nice comments.
  4. Write Captions that explain your photo, makes it easier for people to interact and like a photo.
  5. Take advantage of add ons such as picframe (good for before and after), and wish you were here using postagram.


Instagram Don’t

  1. Don’t ask people to follow you: its tacky, just don’t do it
  2. Don’t like every photo: Liking every photo diminishes the value of your approval stamp. And no one really likes an instagram groupie
  3. A Photo a day I think is a good rule of thumb, uploading 5-6 photos of them same thing all the time, you will lose your followers so fast.
  4. Don’t take horizontal pictures, you only get so much space, so use it to its full potential
  5. Don’t “lategram”; it’s called “instagram” because your scenes are captured instantly. Posting pictures of the day before ruins the live-feed intent.

So there you go the dos and the don’ts of Instagram. Easy Peasy right? Just take your time and were sure you will get it right….

Remember:  Horizontal pictures only, Hash tag your pictures and socialise, socialise and more socialise. You never know who could be your new friend

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