Kaboo Tablet Bag

 Kaboo Tablet Bag’s

Kaboo Riley - Pearl_PingIn today’s world a woman’s best friends are her gadgets from smartphones to tablets. Electronic devices are getting really popular among working women and  tech-savvy moms that spend around £33 billion a year on electronic gadgets. So how do you carry around these gadgets like the smartphones, Tablets and E-Readers? I guess maybe in a brief case or pouch or even your hand bag/purse/bag where it runs the risk of getting broken, damaged and scratched.

Most women carry bags designed for cosmetics and toiletries without considering their expensive gadgets which can be easily damage if not properly protected.  Think about how bad you will feel when your device gets damaged. If your worried about how to protected your gadgets when on the move, think no more because a new fashion bag is available designed with gadgets in mind.

Introducing the Kaboo ™ (kah-boo) Tech Bags designed with protective pouch inside and trendy bells and buckles outside. This is a utility bag that offers stylish, device-friendly purses for today’s tech-friendly females.  In Addition the bags have convenient storage for all your mobile devices such as you Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, Nook E-Reader, Apple iPad, Olympia camera and Maybelline Lip Gloss.

Tech Pocket_Ping

The Kaboo bag features a shock-absorbent tech Pouch that cradles tailored to protect your potable electronic device. Jeff Durham, President and CEO of Kaboo says “Each feature-rich bag or case is crafted to give you peace of mind, knowing that your technology is well-protected,” then he adds “For women that are passionate about style and design, these bags are a welcome splash of colour amidst a sea of conservative storage solutions.”

outside Pattern_Ping

Pattern_PingIt’s has a funky, stylish, fun and chevron pattern design; it also has lots of pockets to put things in like you’re lip gloss, phone, iPod and camera.  There are also pockets outside as well for more space.

Plum_PingThe bags comes in different style for different needs such as THE TINA design for work bag ,The Jenna for the students, THE RILEY for busy moms, THE ROXIE  to bring on a good night out, The Charlotte for a beach holiday and The Olivia for everyone else. So if you love your gadgets as a woman, I guess its time to get a new bag.

{Info & Pictures Via: Kaboo}

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