electro-light beer cure to hangover

Electro-light Beer Cure to Hangover

Getting tired  of drinking beer just to wakeup the next morning with a massive headache and constant nausea. Then worry no more because Australian scientists have discovered a way to make the pain go away. The cure they have created is a electro-light beer.

 Griffith Health Institute nutrition experts claim that they have made the beer still taste like beer but have taken out the dehydrative properties of beer. The scientist added electrolytes to the beer, in order to keep body and mind afloat.

electro-light beer_PING

They experimented with people who have just finished exercising and ask them to drink one of four beers. The beers had electrolytes added to one of the 2 light variety and 2 full strength brews. The participants had to complete their drinking session In one hour by drinking 150% of the amount of lost body mass due to exercise.

 The researchers declared that the electro-light beer was 1/3 more effective for hydration that normal beer. The result shows that the light beer has less alcohol but no one notice the taste. The question is will people like the electro-light beer when its becomes available in shelves.

Picture Credits: Gizmodo & PPS

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