Samsung Origami Printer -Redefines Eco-Tech

Samsung Origami Printer -Redefines Eco-Tech

Samsung Origami Printer is the best eco-tech printing machine in the world. It is produced out of recycled Cardboard which becomes a foldable laser printer. The Origami is one of the three printers from Samsung that won awards in this year International Design Excellence Awards. The idea is so simple but unique by classifying a printer into two parts the body and the engine. The objective was not to reinvent a home 2D printer but to redesign the exterior so they become easier to build and more environmentally friendly to dispose of. The design team wanted a functional, innovative yet an environmentally friendly product.Samsung Origami Printer

According to Samsung’s spokesperson “It is not easy to apply a cover to a product’s engine unit,” explains Juehyun Jung, a senior designer at Samsung. “In addition to requiring knowledge about the part assembly sequence, there is the inconvenience of fastening a great number of screws.”

All three printer concepts—the Clip, Origami and Mate—aim to simplify the manufacturing process and reduce customer cost with their own unique approach.

The Clip printer is basically a screw-free exterior that  folds up from a single piece of plastic and locks into place using, just plastic clips. The second design which is the Origami makes use of the folding technique, but it replaces plastic with corrugated cardboard to form the exterior. The Origami is both fire and water resistant according to Samsung claims which they chose not to reveal the type of material used for now. Samsung Origami printer is not entirely made out of cardboard, just the exterior body e. Once the exterior is folded into a box-like shape, a standard printing engine made up of metal, plastic, and rare-earth mineral components is placed inside.printer-mate

Samsung’s Mate printer is a designed for customisation by switching exterior panel with colourful panel which is made of recycled plastic materials. We at PING Magazine know that Samsung is not a global authority in the printing business by these designs when its goes mainstream will capture most of the eco-conscious people in the world.printer-clip

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  1. Samuel 19th December 2013 at 5:06 am - Reply

    This is such a clever idea. Great for low income places too.

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