Instagram: 3 things we love about it

Instagram : 3 things we love about it

Of all the social networks out there, Instagram is by far the one I most enjoy. It’s a great place to show off your projects, show off your kids, and show off your adventures.

Let’s look at some cool things which can be done:



Magnets are cool, but they’re even cooler when they feature your photos. For $14.99, you can get nine one-inch square magnets with pictures you select from your Instagram stream. There is no StickyGram app for mobile devices, but the responsive website works great across all devices.



Postagram will send your Instagram photos through through the mail, complete with a custom message. Once the postcard arrives, the photo itself is perforated, so the recipient can punch it out and hang it on a bulletin board or on the refrigerator. To send a Postagram, simply use it to access your Instagram photos via the Postagram website or the Postagram app.  The Postagram also arrives with a QR Code that can be scanned with the Postagram app so your recipient can thank the sender and save their own digital version of the photo. Each Postagram costs $0.99 to send, but you get to send your first five at no cost.


With, you can use your Instagram photos to make framed prints, stretched canvases, and even prisms, all starting at $39.95. They also offer personalized iPhone cases for $39.95 and greeting cards starting at $3.95. And like Postagram, you’re not limited to Instagram photos. You can upload your photos from Flickr, Dropbox, Picasa or Facebook to as well.

Instagram 4.1 update

In the first major update for Instagram since the company added video capabilities, Instagram is bringing video to more devices and allowing users to upload videos from their phone and post them.

Picture Credits: Bless This Stuff , AGBeat , Flickr& Grow

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