Facebook embedded codes

Facebook embedded codes

The social network launches a new feature to remind the media that its 1.15 billion members can serve as sources for stories. In an attempt to boost its connection to current events and breaking news, Facebook is making the social network’s public content more accessible to news outlets with the Wednesday release of embedded posts.

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The new feature is intended to let media organizations, and eventually everyone else, embed public Facebook updates such as photos, videos, hash tags, and other posts from people or Pages on their own Web sites. Viewers of the embedded content can “like” or share stories, as well as like the Page or follow the person who originally authored the content.

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The embedded posts feature is ultimately meant to make Facebook a relevant part of pop culture and news stories, an area where Twitter has long reigned supreme. Facebook has been on a campaign of late to get people to view its network not just as a place where friends connect, but as a destination where people go to discuss everything from current events to television shows, as they’re unfolding.

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