Google new app for social gaming unveiled

 Google new app for social gaming unveiled

Google moved the next coin with the launch of Play Games app in the PlayStore. The app will serve as a one-point stop for the gamers to get more social. It helps to check game achievements, leader-boards, get a sneek-peek of what their friends are playing, and the like. Once downloaded, the app allows users to browse their recently played games, and have a look at the games played by their Google+ friends.

They can also check the games installed on their gadgets, or buy and download desired games. Also, the game leader-boards and the achievements of their friends would be visible, that helps comparison of their strength with their friends’. The users can set their favorite games, and see the most played ones marked by their Google+ friends. The app thus opens door to multi-player games, where one can join and invite friends. The app will also come pre-loaded with the Nexus 7 tablet.


Picture Credits: NDTV Gadgets

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