Virtual Reality Sex Game designed to stimulate

Virtual Reality Sex Game designed to stimulate

For those tech-savvy fellas out there watching porn or those are in desperate need to fulfill their sexual desire in reality here is a chance to jump into the techno-sexual pleasure. Wicked Paradise is developing a new game to please them with their first fully immersive erotic virtual reality game.

Designed for compatibility with the Oculus Rift virtual reality head set, the game  bills itself as a new breed of pornography “erotic arts” intended to titillate a generation who has grown tired of old media’s sexual offerings. So guys instead of watching an erotic movie or reading an erotic book in which the main character has exciting sexual adventures, you get to play that role.

The only scenario mentioning proving the above till date is a scenario showing a male’s horny heterosexual pursuit of a female, but there are other scenes on the verge of hitting us around 2014 and surely they don’t reinforce the notion that preying on women and sexual conquest is a game. Until then, it is pretty clear who Wicked Paradise is marketing it to.

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