How many people are on the internet every minute?

Have you ever considered how many bytes of data are created online everyday? We are online daily on our mobiles, in our homes, offices and on practically every device these days as everything is becoming smart – watches, glasses, fabrics – all. Over the last twenty years, internet access has increased across the globe causing a boom in the amount of data being produced and collected.

How many Tweets do we have in a day? Am sure its definitely more than 277,000 Tweets every minute now. Google search engine queries per minute are over 2 million search queries. Wao! More than 72 hours of new video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Over 100 million emails are sent every minute, Facebook processes 350 GB of data every minute and 571 new websites are created every minute – meaning we have about 34,260 websites every hour and 822,240 websites every day – all waiting for visits.

There are always loads of things to visit the internet for. From getting information to entertainment and … oh no lets not even continue. They are a lot. More statistical records on the internet are broken every minute. The question then on my mind right now is: how many people are on the internet EVERY MINUTE? Who knows….? Comments please.



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