Teen invents a 30 seconds mobile batteries charging device

Teen invents a 30 seconds mobile batteries charging device

Eesha Khare is probably any parents dream, as well as a hero to anyone on the planet addicted to their mobile phone.

This high school, California teenager invented a device that could change the way we use our phones forever.

Her device has been explained as  a ‘supercapacitor’. It ‘acts as an energy storage device that holds a great amount energy in a small amount of space.’ Basically, it could potentially charge your phone in 20-30 seconds.

Point me to where I can buy one.

She was reported explaining to NBC her reason for this breakthrough research was simply; “My cell phone battery always dies.” If only more people were that practical about solving issues, rather than just complaining…

It is said she plans on using her $50,000 prize money to fund her education at Harvard.


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