What you need to know about the Xbox One

What you need to know about the Xbox One

Microsoft reveal the Xbox One which was rumoured to be called Xbox 720 on May 21st 2013. The Xbox One is going to deliver an amazing entertainment experience.  It’s designed with sharp corners and clean lines for a sleek and modern console that would the centrepieces for every living room.

Xbox One-PING

Xbox One comes with a 8-core x86 processor which gives fast performance of games and allows you to jump instantly between a game and your entertainment apps with simplicity.  The 8GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard drive gives you sufficient amount of memory for games, demos, movies, apps, music and more.  It also comes as a Blu-ray player that gives you stunning images and visual.

Xbox One 2-PING

The operating system comes with a state of art gaming OS that’s merged with a powerful Windows OS.  This OS gives you the best of both worlds of playing your games and running our apps as well.  The Xbox one also has the ability to have split screen that make you able to watch a movie and talk on Skype to your families seamlessly.

Xbox One controller-PING

The new controller has over 40 technology innovations with impulse triggers that convey precise fingertip feedback for more realistic experiences.  Along with streamline thumb sticks, D-pad and contours for improved precision and comport in your hands.

{Info Via Xbox One}

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