The “Facebook Phone” May Get Dropped due to poor sales.

HTC First, also known as the ‘Facebook Phone’, may be discontinued as a result of poor sales with their sole US provider AT&T.

Despite being the first phone to come in-built with Facebook Home, it seems that wasn’t enough to entice the American population to part with $99 and commit to a two year contract.

AT& T is said to have tried to change tactics to draw more customers by reducing the price of the handset to a whopping $0.99 (that’s roughly £0.65 for you UK readers). It seems that wasn’t enough to get customers to sign on the dotted line either.

It is quite a dramatic turnaround from it’s launch in April. Digital Trends quoted HTC’s Peter Chou saying he described the HTC First as the phone which will; “Bring mobile and social together.”

HTC First

And AT&T’s Ralph De la Vega called it, “The best Facebook Home experience on mobile, right out of the box.

Perhaps they were over-optimistic?

I see the situation in three ways; either people really don’t want Facebook taking over their phones, or HTC has some work to do to catch up with rivals Samsung and Apple. Either way Facebook and HTC may have to go back to the drawing board. At the moment the Facebook HTC phone due to be released in the UK has been cancelled.

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