Youtube launches paid channels subscription

YouTube paid subscription is now live with subscription only costing 79p [$0.99} monthly for a channels that give you access to exclusive video, TV Shows & films from selected channel such as Sesame Street and UFC offering full episode to their subscribers.

However some individual channels can charge more for subscription if they choose to, with the majority of UK channels charging £1.49 for monthly subscription. In addition each subscription comes with a 14 day free trial, after the free trial period you can keep your subscription or cancel at any time.

Just for the records, not all of 53 channels now on subscription are available UK, it is hoped that all of them will be available soon.  So guys  if you have choices of TV shows, programmes or networks you would like to start paying subscription for on YouTube,  lets us know with your comments or tweets.

All Channel here YouTube Paid Channels

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